State Local Tax

Multistate and Local Tax Attorney

State and local tax laws and rules are complex and vary from state to state. As states confront budgetary deficits due to declining tax revenues and increased governmental spending, tax authorities are aggressively enforcing state tax laws to recapture lost revenues.

At Freeman Law, our experienced attorneys regularly guide our clients through complex state and local tax issues—issues that are frequently changing as states seek to keep pace with technology and the evolution of business.Staying ahead requires sophisticated legal counsel dedicated to understanding the complex state tax issues that confront businesses and individuals.

As your business expands its footprint by crossing state borders to do business in other states or through a remote workforce, noncompliance with state and local tax can prove costly—at times, it may literally make or break a business model. Overlooked state and local tax obligations may impact the sale of a business or even expose owners and officers to personal liability. Clients need a proactive approach and a strategy to meet the challenges of doing business in multiple states.

At Freeman Law, we are changing the way clients do business. Freeman Law works with clients across all industries, including manufacturing, services, technology, oil and gas, financial services, and real estate. We have experience with state income, franchise, gross receipts, sales and use, withholding, controlling interest transfer and real and personal property taxes, as well as unclaimed property and state tax credits and incentives. We also provide experienced counsel in state tax controversies, audit defense, and state tax litigation. Our knowledgeable professionals provide support through:

  • Nexus studies and analysis
  • State tax due diligence
  • Look-back reviews (reverse tax audits)
  • Negotiating voluntary disclosures
  • Tax registrations
  • Tax dispute resolution
  • Communicating with state and local tax authorities
  • Drafting letter ruling requests
  • State apportionment reviews
  • Public Law 86-272 analyses
  • Taxability analyses
  • Escheat analyses
  • Transactional tax planning
  • Sales and use tax exemption and certificate compliance

Because clients face challenges today like never before, they need counsel and insight that position them to respond to rapidly changing environments. Our attorneys are thought leaders and practical. And with our depth of tax, accounting and business experience, we speak the “language” of business—all in a way that moves the ball forward. With our sophisticated multi-state tax professionals, Freeman Law is there to help navigate complex state tax laws, helping our clients solve their most complex problems.

Have questions? Refer to our FAQs for Multistate, state, and local tax laws.