Freeman offers a uniquely cross-functional collaborative team with clinical insights and ability to navigate healthcare fraud investigations and prosecutions, with an in-house board-certified MD consulting expert, accomplished white-collar attorneys, and a team steeped in cross-industrial forensic analytics.

  • Our attorneys include former government trial attorneys, former law clerks to federal judges, law professors, and dual-credentialed CPAs with deep experience in white-collar defense. Nearly one-third of our attorneys serve as law professors at tier-one law schools.
  • Our white-collar attorneys have been recognized nationally and internationally, including being named to U.S. News and World Report’s Best Lawyers in America list, Super Lawyers, and recognized by Chambers & Partners as among the leading attorneys in the United States, including for fraud representations.
  • Freeman’s attorneys have extensive white-collar litigation experience in complex, sophisticated federal matters. We maintain an in-house board-certified MD, providing a unique, cross-functional team to navigate healthcare fraud investigations and prosecutions.

The healthcare industry is a complex collection of government, for-profit, and non-profit interests and organizations. A highly regulated and complex industry, the healthcare sector is subject to an ever-evolving landscape of regulations and legislation—and political risk. Our legal team works with clients in the healthcare industry, providing legal guidance and counsel.

Our Finger on the Pulse: The Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is the largest employer in the U.S. From hospice providers to medical device manufacturers, thousands of businesses and organizations provide vital health care services to a growing population.

We serve a diverse clientele in the healthcare sector and Freeman has represented numerous clients in the industry. Each sector is unique, facing distinct challenges.

We work with clients across a host of participants in the healthcare industry, including:

  • Insurance companies
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Medical device companies
  • Physical therapy providers
  • Investment funds
  • Healthcare foundations and other non-profits
  • Health management groups
  • Medical and dental practices and management groups
  • Closely held businesses and healthcare practices


Clinical Insights for Business and Tax Structuring

Freeman has been ranked by U.S. News and World Reports as a “Tier 1” law firm for tax law.  Client strategies require precise entity and transactional structuring. We work with clients to navigate complex regulatory and tax challenges, deploying advanced tax solutions to help mitigate and minimize tax exposure.

Diagnosing Regulatory Compliance and Defense

Healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the nation. Regulatory compliance is critical, as are internal policies.

We work with our clients to stay ahead of the regulatory curve, employing business/organization and advanced tax structuring solutions.

Litigation—Navigating the Anatomy of the Legal System

We zealously represent our clients’ interests in litigation matters.  Several common scenarios that confront firms and organizations in the healthcare field include:

  • False Claims Act, i.e., Qui Tam litigation
  • Class action suits
  • Single and multi-governmental actions
  • Single-party medical malpractice lawsuits
  • Employee lawsuits

Litigation can place a strain on financial resources. That’s why we combine innovation and experience to seek prompt resolutions for our clients.

Bankruptcies—Do No Harm

Constant changes in the healthcare industry can wreak havoc on the market. Smaller players—clinics, rural hospitals, and manufacturing and design companies—are often forced to adapt in response to external pressures.

Businesses may be forced to file for bankruptcy to restructure or simply exit. Bankruptcy is a complex procedure. We ensure that our clients’ interests are protected under bankruptcy laws.

A Unique Firm for Unique Clients

Clients are not all the same.  And neither are law firms.  We are a purpose-driven, fundamentally integrated organization, not a random collection of JDs and doctorate holders.  And we are action-oriented, ready to deploy.

We maintain a boutique model by design.  And we are nimble and adaptive to change, values increasingly in demand in a fast-changing economy and evolving legal landscape.

Our attorneys bring big-firm talent, as well as a team- and can-do attitude to every representation. They bring think-tank intellectual capacity and a particular focus on tax and white-collar law.  Indeed, our firm originated from an institutional commitment to world-class counsel in complex taxation and white-collar representations and litigation.

A Unique Cross-Functional Team—Trial/Jury Consulting and Healthcare Fraud

We maintain an in-house board-certified MD consulting expert.  Dr. Freeman serves as a consulting expert, assisting Freeman’s professionals in both healthcare fraud defense and litigation and jury consulting, bringing data-based research and analytical rigor to inform our white-collar and litigation team’s legal strategies.  Dr. Freeman brings a diverse background in the neurological and psychological dynamics of decision-making—those employed by jurors, judges, opposing parties, and even our own clients.

Dr. combines a unique background at the crossroads of neurology, psychology, and psychiatry, bringing unique insights—insights that inform our team’s legal and trial strategies—into behavioral and decision-making variables, lending scientifically valid approaches and expertise with respect to advocacy and the modification and prediction of human behavior.  In addition, he brings a wealth of substantive medical and industry knowledge regarding underlying medical matters relating to alleged violations of the Federal False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback Statute, Physician Self-Referral Law (Stark Law), Criminal Health Care Fraud, and other healthcare laws, allowing Freeman to offer a uniquely cross-functional collaborative team with clinical insights and ability to navigate healthcare fraud investigations and prosecutions.