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Living Abroad? You May Still Owe FICA Taxes

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Every employee notices the line on his or her paycheck that refers to FICA tax being withheld; even certain taxpayers working abroad have these taxes withheld. The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) is a tax on an employee’s wages comprised of both the Social Security tax and the Medicare tax. U.S. citizens and resident aliens who work abroad for an …

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Employment Tax Enforcement is Trending

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Employment tax enforcement is a critical element of the IRS’s overall tax enforcement effort. It is an area in which the IRS has unique tools at its disposal—tools that some practitioners may find surprising. Recent government reports indicate a growth in “egregious employment tax noncompliance” and focus on the need to combat this trend through increased use of civil and …

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Government Report Recommends More Criminal Referrals for Employment Tax Violations

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A recent government report recommended that the IRS beef up its use of the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty and more liberally refer employment tax cases for criminal investigation.  The report, issued by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (“TIGTA”), A More Focused Strategy Is Needed to Effectively Address Egregious Employment Tax Crimes, was somewhat critical of the IRS’s failure …

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IRS Tax Penalties on the Rise, Particularly Employment Tax Penalties

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The IRS recently issued its annual Data Book, providing a glimpse into the world of tax administration during the past fiscal year.  The recent release provides a number of interesting takeaways, but here are a few of the highlights: The IRS assessed $27.3 billion in civil penalties during FY 2016. The IRS assessed close to $12.5 billion in additional taxes …

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IRS Hits Business Owner with $4.3 Million Trust Fund Penalty for Business’s Unpaid Payroll Taxes—Federal Court Upholds Assessment

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A recent ruling by a federal Texas district court serves as yet another reminder of the exposure that business owners face when it comes to personal liability for the unmet payroll taxes of their businesses.  In McClendon v. United States, the district court recently held a doctor-taxpayer/business owner personally responsible for $4.3 million of the business’s outstanding payroll taxes, upholding …

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Employment Tax Enforcement is on the Rise

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For the past year, the IRS and the Tax Division of the Department of Justice (“Tax Division”) have touted a renewed and increased emphasis on employment tax enforcement—both civil and criminal. Indeed, employment tax enforcement is currently among the IRS’s and Tax Division’s highest priorities. Earlier this year, the Tax Division publicly warned that it has “sharpened its focus on …