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Tax Shelters, the Reportable Transaction Penalty, and the Graev’ Supervisory Approval Requirement for IRS Penalties

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The Tax Court’s recent decision in Laidlaw’s Harley Davidson Sales, Inc. v. Commissioner, 154 T.C. No. 4 (2020), addresses section 6751(b)’s requirement for supervisory approval in the context of a section 6707A penalty for reportable transactions.  The Tax Court addressed the question of whether section 6751(b)(1)’s supervisory approval requirement applies to a section 6707A assessable penalty.  The answer: Yes, it …

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Tax Court Determines §6672 Penalties are Penalties Subject to §6751(b) Requirements

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In Chadwick v. Commissioner, a recent collection due process hearing (CDP) case, the United States Tax Court upheld an IRS notice of intent to levy. Chadwick v. Comm’r, 154 T.C. No. 5 (2020) stemmed from the taxpayer’s failure to pay employment taxes for two LLC entities for which he was responsible and the subsequent assessment of trust fund recovery penalties …