Civil Litigation

A “Go-To” Litigation Firm

  • Our trial attorneys have been recognized nationally and internationally, including being named to U.S. News and World Report’s Best Lawyers in America list, Super Lawyers, and recognized by Chambers & Partners as among the leading attorneys in the United States, as well as recognized as the “Leading Tax Controversy Litigation Attorney of the Year” for the State of Texas.
  • Trial counsel tailored to your needs. Our litigation attorneys regularly take on the nation’s biggest litigation firm: The Department of Justice. We are versed in litigation of all sizes and stakes, vindicating mission-critical interests with a systematic approach to litigation and trial; and rewriting the odds in complex, high-stakes litigation, one case at a time.
  • Our attorneys include former government trial attorneys, former law clerks to federal judges, law professors, and dual-credentialed CPAs with deep experience in complex financial reporting, accounting, and fraud. Nearly one-third of our attorneys serve as law professors at tier-one law schools.

Business Litigation is Our Business

Freeman is a “go-to” litigation firm—trial counsel for the cases that count. Well-versed in high-stakes litigation, our attorneys are trial-ready and battle-tested; we’re ready when you are.

We Try Cases –  We Win Cases

Freeman is a sophisticated trial boutique hyper-focused on advancing our clients’ litigation interests. We are committed to delivering world-class counsel in the courtroom using bold, tactical, state-of-the-art approaches to litigation. Our attorneys bring big-firm talent, think-tank intellect, and analytical precision.

Clients need a winning strategy. Our experienced litigators employ creative, trial-tested strategies that position clients for courtroom success. We craft detailed strategies and trial plans designed to convey the most impactful, psychologically moving themes and storylines—moving juries to action.

Our attorneys are not just litigators—they are trial attorneys. We instill and cultivate a difference, creating a focus on the end-game from the beginning.

Clear and Focused

We are client-focused problem solvers. Tireless advocates that work best under pressure, we are committed for the long haul and relentless in our pursuit of justice.

Our award-winning attorneys make the complex clear, bringing the issues and facts into focus with perspective and clarity.


The right move at the right time can mean the difference between the right outcome and the wrong one. Strategic victories are no accident. We begin thinking through the end game from day one. And we have tactical trial experience built on strategic approaches that keep the big picture in mind.

Speaking Truth To Power – Giving power to truth

Courtrooms are human institutions. And when parochial interests threaten the principles of justice, clients need articulate, forceful advocacy. Clients need advocates with courage and the fortitude to push through the most difficult challenges.

The right litigation model

We were built to take on anything—from the largest law firms to the Department of Justice. And we are rewriting the odds in complex, high-stakes litigation one case at a time. We leverage technological advances; eschew wasteful staffing; and employ collaborative, end-result-driven litigation systems that avoid knowledge segregation and enhance ideation.

We are a paradigm shift—a change in the historic litigation model. The new reality is that the trial boutique model simply outperforms the large-firm approach. The ability to scale trial preparation has never been greater. Intelligently designed law firm models can not only go up against the largest firms and parties, but they also can—and should—win. Indeed, the boutique model offers advantages that larger firm models simply can’t match.


We pledge transparency and authenticity, bringing candid, pull-no-punches trial strategies that home-in on the issues that matter. Though often overlooked, authenticity is the single most impactful virtue in a trial lawyer. Without it, the best-laid plans and preparations are lost. When the issues are make-or-break, trust our attorneys to see them through.

Legal Acumen

Our attorneys bring big-firm talent and backgrounds, think-tank intellect, and analytical precision. Our trial attorneys are not only skilled advocates, they are steeped in substantive expertise gained from years of experience in the trenches. We provide sophisticated representation and penetrating legal acumen.


Our firm’s founding principles and vision of exceptionalism permeate throughout our litigation and trial practice. We are driven by uncompromising attention to detail and a desire to exceed expectations.

Ready for the moments that matter

Every Freeman attorney participates in the firm’s Trial College, a rigorous training program focused on trial advocacy and procedure. Our attorneys are experienced, trial-honed, and ready for the moments that matter.

Any time, any place

We eschew a siloed-specialist focus; rather, we employ a cross-functional, integrated multi-disciplinary and team approach to the practice of law and litigation. Siloed, narrowly focused attorneys inevitably view client’s disputes through an every-problem-is-a-nail framework, missing the forest for the trees. We cultivate judgment and an appreciation for the bigger picture. After all, litigation, though at times necessary, is a means to an end.

Bet-The-Company Litigation

Litigation can represent an existential threat. When outside sources threaten mission-critical interests, jeopardizing years of work and investment, clients turn to our top-flight trial attorneys and our insightful counsel. When everything is on the line, Freeman steps up to it.

In an evolving and increasingly complex environment, businesses face unprecedented challenges and risks. Freeman represents clients in complex civil litigation, including fraud, breach-of-contract, fiduciary duty, and other disputes. With our historic background in white-collar litigation—both civil and criminal—we are uniquely positioned to represent clients in matters involving embezzlement, fraudulent transfers, fiduciary breaches, and other complex financial disputes.
Our skilled trial counsel regularly resolve sophisticated business disputes, representing clients in courthouses and arbitration throughout Texas and across the country. Many matters entrusted to us require managing outside factors and mitigating collateral consequences, such as parallel regulatory investigations. We offer skilled and practical insight to navigate our clients and their causes during high-stakes disputes.

Freeman Law’s representations include disputes involving a variety of claims, such as breaches of fiduciary duty, business torts and other commercial disputes, partnership disputes, misrepresentation, deceptive trade practices act (“DTPA”) violations, tortious interference, extortion, Texas Theft Statute violations, civil conspiracy, and cyber and computer violations.
In an evolving and increasingly complex business environment, businesses face unprecedented challenges and risks. Our attorneys offer sound legal counsel and strategy based on a deep understanding of business and regulatory principles.

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