Trial College

We stand committed to cultivating and delivering world-class counsel in the courtroom—to working tirelessly to hone our craft and raising the bar in trial advocacy. As a sophisticated trial boutique, we are dedicated to the pursuit of justice and advancing our clients’ litigation interests.

Every Freeman Law attorney participates annually in the firm’s Freeman Law Trial College, a rigorous training program focused on trial advocacy and excellence in the courtroom. Our intensive program focuses on jury advocacy, trial procedure, direct and cross-examination techniques, opening and closing arguments, the art of crafting compelling narratives, the latest in cognitive science and jury decision-making, and more.

Modern trials play out through an elaborate choreography—dueling stories that weave a complex of facts, psychology, and skillful advocacy. The difference between winning and losing is often at the margin, through tactical victories and nuanced judgment. We train our attorneys to employ a systematic approach to litigation and trial; to construct compelling courtroom narratives that convince and sound in credibility to both juries and judges. Ultimately, we embrace the view that advocacy is both an art and a science—and we approach it as such.

Our Freeman Law Trial College features training from accomplished, nationally recognized trial attorneys, providing world-class training and insights into trial advocacy.

Our attorneys are trained to evaluate each case, cultivating its thematic essence and distilling complex facts into clear and compelling narratives; to employ strategies that convey the most impactful, psychologically moving themes and storylines—moving juries to action.

As a team and a firm, we remain committed to the ideals of our craft—to relentlessly honing our attorneys’ trial skills, cultivating unmatched legal acumen, and perfecting the art of advocacy. And as a team and a firm, we remain committed to providing our clients with world-class legal representation.