Corporate, Securities, Private Companies & Tax Planning

Freeman represents privately and closely held companies, providing the experience and knowledge to assist our clients through a broad range of complex corporate and business transactions.

  • Freeman has been recognized as a “Tier 1” law firm for tax law by Best Lawyers® and U.S. News & World Report.
  • We maintain attorneys licensed across multiple jurisdictions, providing unique perspective and insights.
  • Our attorneys are experienced in unique and complex transactions, including advising and closing a $345 billion private equity transaction and advising on a $245 billion cross-border divestiture involving private and publicly traded companies.

Corporate and Private Companies Overview 

Small-, mid-, and large-sized businesses and other entities seek out Freeman’s experienced counsel for business and tax structuring advice, trusting our hands-on approach to structure, negotiate, and document their most important transactions.  We advise across the life cycle of a business:  from its inception, through its operations, and even its eventual disposition or sale.  We have deliberately cultivated a diverse client base, including domestic and cross-border companies—a major contributor to our firm’s already extensive knowledge base.

At Freeman, we are changing the way that clients do business. Our attorneys are practical. And with our depth of accounting and real-world experience, we speak the “language” of business—all in a way that moves the ball forward, not back.

A Dynamic Business Environment 

Clients today face unprecedented challenges—challenges that fundamentally drive entity structures and governance protocols. Clients need counsel and insights that position them to respond to rapidly changing environments. They need insight into the impact of the most recent legislative enactments, judicial opinions, and regulatory provisions. Our team provides adaptive tax and business planning, charting a course to best position our clients for success and helping to navigate the challenges and risks that they face.

Corporate Planning that Starts from the Bottom Up 

Freeman Law advises clients with corporate and other entity formations and reorganizations. Restructuring entities—through conversions, mergers, and liquidations—often involves particularly complex tax and regulatory considerations.  We are often brought in to assist and team up with existing legal counsel—from boutique firms to some of the country’s largest and most respected law firms—particularly with respect to tax-focused aspects of complex transactions.

Because each business has diverse needs, we deliberately maintain a diverse team of attorneys, fostering a cross-functional, collaborative approach to the practice of law.  For example, our transactional and tax planning attorneys, including attorneys who maintain licenses in multiple jurisdictions and who bring unique litigation experience to the transactional practice.

Above all, however, our attorneys are practical.  They provide adaptive business and tax planning advice to ensure that our clients are well positioned in competitive and demanding regulatory environments.

World-Class Tax Counsel 

Freeman Law provides experienced tax and business counsel, helping our clients achieve their organizational goals in a tax-efficient manner.  We are known for providing creative and innovative solutions to the most complex tax problems.  We maintain a particular focus in complex tax matters—a focus that has garnered national and international recognition:

  • Freeman tax attorneys have been named to U.S. News and World Report’s Best Lawyers in America list and recognized by Chambers & Partners as among the leading tax attorneys in the United States.
  • Our attorneys include former IRS trial attorneys; former clerks to the Chief Judge of the United States Tax Court; tax law professors; dual-credentialed CPAs, including the former chairman to the Texas Society of CPAs; and attorneys with advanced LL.M. tax law degrees from the most prestigious tax programs in the nation.
  • One third of our attorneys are law professors at tier one law schools, teaching tax law.

We’ve Been There and Done That

We are hyper focused; responsive; and battle-tested—client-focused problem solvers, steeped in a substantive knowledge base gained from years of experience in a sophisticated practice with sophisticated clients.

We join our clients in the trenches, navigating and evaluating risks, negotiating with intention, and recognizing that transactions are not zero-sum propositions—synergies and win-wins lie at the heart of getting to “yes.”  We carefully evaluate the landscape, employing strategies that move the ball forward, not back.

We help clients navigate mergers and acquisitions, from recapitalizations and exit transactions, debt financing, and management equity.  And we stand ready to steer formations, acquisitions, sales, and dispositions.  Some of our representative work includes:

  • Domestic and international formations, acquisitions, dispositions, mergers, spin-offs, and liquidations;
  • Securities compliance, including exemptions and registration, SEC and state securities law filings and reporting;
  • Partnership formation, operations, and divisions;
  • Cryptocurrency funding and operating vehicles;
  • Asset acquisitions or dispositions;
  • Business formation including the use of partnerships, limited liability companies, S corporations, or other special-purpose business entities;
  • Equity-based compensation arrangements;
  • Drafting of complex company operating agreements;
  • Legal interpretation and analysis of tax treaty matters.

A Unique Firm for Unique Clients

Our attorneys bring big-firm talent in a boutique model.  We are nimble and adaptive to change, values increasingly in demand in a fast-changing economy and evolving legal landscape.

Legal, we believe, functions best as a collaborative member of a team with a shared goal, not a siloed function with veto power.  We bring business and life experience—factors that animate and optimize knowledge sets, a reality that translates to value.

Our attorneys are practical. And with our depth of accounting and business experience, we speak the “language” of business—all in a way that moves the ball forward, not back. We are positioned to represent our clients through their most pressing challenges. We are there to help change the way that clients do business.

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