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International Tax, Offshore Tax

U.S. Government Continues To Crack Down On Unreported Offshore Bank Accounts

by Jason B. Freeman / May 24, 2020 2478
Fraud, International Tax, Offshore Tax

J5 Continues its Efforts to Identity International Tax Cheats

by Matthew Roberts / Feb 21, 2020 1451
International Tax, Offshore Tax, Voluntary Disclosure

The Swiss Bank Program: Civil and Criminal Risk for Offshore Account Holders

by Ryan Dean / Feb 16, 2020 1405
International Tax, Offshore Tax, Partnership Tax, Tax Reform

New Changes Are Coming to Partnership Withholding

by Freeman Law / Aug 01, 2018 705
International Tax, Offshore Tax

20/22 Vision – Tax Consequences for Puerto Rico

by Freeman Law / May 26, 2018 630
FATCA, FBAR, Offshore Tax, OVDP

The Paradise Papers Continue to Shed Light on the Use of Offshore Tax Havens

by Jason Freeman and Spencer Banks / Apr 18, 2018 398
International Tax, IRS Regulations, Offshore Tax

Foreign-owned domestic disregarded entities: The new reporting requirements

by Jason B. Freeman / Apr 27, 2017 253
Audit, International Tax, Offshore Tax, OVDP

An Update onInternational Tax Enforcement

by Jason B. Freeman / Mar 14, 2017 240
International Tax, Offshore Tax, OVDP

Offshore Tax Evasion Remains on IRS “Dirty Dozen” List for 2017

by Jason B. Freeman / Mar 10, 2017 239
Bank Secrecy Act, FBAR, Fraud, International Tax, Offshore Tax, OVDP, Willfulness

Former University Professor sentenced to Prison for Hiding over $220 Million in Offshore Accounts—Pays $100 Million to Resolve FBAR Penalties

by Jason B. Freeman / Feb 24, 2017 234