Bank Secrecy Act

Bank Secrecy Act

The IRS’s Bank Secrecy Act Program Has Minimal Impact on Compliance

by Jason Freeman and Katie Manworren / Dec 11, 2018 839
Bank Secrecy Act, FBAR, International Tax, Penalties, Willfulness

FBAR Penalty Update

by Jason B. Freeman / Oct 24, 2018 772
Bank Secrecy Act, FBAR, White Collar, Willfulness

IRS Required to Return FBAR “Penalty:” Penalty was “Illegally Exacted”

by Jason B. Freeman / Sep 22, 2017 330
Anti-Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy Act

FinCEN Targets Money Laundering in Real Estate Transactions

by Jason B. Freeman / Aug 25, 2017 300
Bank Secrecy Act, Forfeiture, Structuring, White Collar

Federal Forfeiture and the Crime of “Structuring”

by Jason B. Freeman / Apr 23, 2017 262
Bank Secrecy Act, FBAR, Fraud, International Tax, Offshore Tax, OVDP, Willfulness

Former University Professor sentenced to Prison for Hiding over $220 Million in Offshore Accounts—Pays $100 Million to Resolve FBAR Penalties

by Jason B. Freeman / Feb 24, 2017 234
Bank Secrecy Act, Defenses, FBAR, Tax Litigation, White Collar, Willfulness

Litigating FBAR Penalties: The Burden of Proof and the Meaning of Willfulness

by Jason B. Freeman / Dec 16, 2016 204
Anti-Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy Act

FinCEN’s Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Rules Drive Compliance with FATCA

by Jason B. Freeman / Dec 02, 2016 198
Bank Secrecy Act, FBAR, White Collar, Willfulness

Foreign Bank Account Reporting–The FBAR

by Freeman Law / Sep 09, 2016 150
Bank Secrecy Act, White Collar

The Form 8300 Filing Requirement and Associated Penalties

by Freeman Law / Aug 09, 2016 114
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