Diversity and Inclusion

We remain committed to workplace diversity, inclusion, and equity. These core values lay at the heart of our firm’s founding mission: To make an impact—to leave the world and our clients better than we found them. And they lie at the core of the concept of justice and equal protection, concepts and values that our members have sworn to uphold. Indeed, we believe that diversity and inclusiveness foster organizational performance through increased and varied perspectives and input, directly correlating to better client service—and employee happiness.

Diversity is ultimately not about skin color or ethnic background, it is about diversity of backgrounds, values, perspectives, and opportunity. Ultimately, we believe it is fundamentally about inclusiveness—cultivating an inclusive mindset and environment that invites, rather than excludes; that provides opportunities for merit-based advancement and that structurally and actively works to ensure that people of all races, creeds, ethnicities, orientation, and sexes have opportunities in an inclusive environment that accomplishes our founding goal: Leaving those we impact better than we found them, just as they have left us.