Commitment to Community


Freeman was founded on a singular mandate: To make an impact—to leave the world and our clients better than we found them. With that, we embrace a sense of community purpose and a recognition of our responsibility to give back to our community and those in need. We seek to build local partnerships, fostering philanthropic goals through volunteerism, pro bono representations, community activism, and our affiliated non-profit foundation.

Members of our firm serve in leadership roles in professional organizations, educational institutions, and charitable organizations. And our attorneys regularly represent non-profit organizations.

The Freeman Foundation

Our firm oversees and administers the Freeman Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to fostering civil discourse and educating with respect to the foundational tenets of our republic, and its constitutional, legal, and democratic values.

The foundation was founded on the belief that few substantive issues are more important to the long-term health of a democracy than the ability of its citizens to communicate and express and evaluate ideas in a free and open forum—to agree, disagree, and debate ideas and policies civilly.

Pro Bono.

Our attorneys have contributed pro bono legal work representing economically challenged families facing evictions during COVID-19 pandemic.

We have represented clients in discrimination cases, as well as veterans and the disadvantaged.


We also serve an educational role. In fact, approximately one third of our attorneys serve as professors and educate through other outlets as well. Our attorneys have donated their time to numerous educational outlets, including teaching months-long courses through the YWCA and the Prison Entrepreneurship Program.