Technological Convergence and the Law—Freeman is an innovative thought leader, founded on a commitment to helping clients blaze a trail, positioning them to change the world.

  • The Digital Singularity. Freeman’s Cryptocurrency, Digital Asset, and Blockchain attorneys are steeped in legal, tax, and regulatory issues related to cryptocurrency and other digital assets. We are a part of the global transformation, helping clients adapt to the transformative forces converging in a fusion of technologies and blurred boundaries.
  • Our attorneys have been recognized nationally and internationally, including being named to U.S. News and World Report’s Best Lawyers in America list, Super Lawyers, and recognized by Chambers & Partners as among the leading attorneys in the United States. Nearly one-third of our attorneys serve as law professors at tier-one law schools, underscoring our commitment to staying at the forefront of an evolving practice.
  • Less is more. And nimble is the new bigger. Innovative, disruptive change is at the heart of the technogloical revolution, pushing at the boundaries of the law. We help clients blaze a trail, positioning them to change the world.

As we move ahead through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a period marked by fundamental changes in the way that we live, work, and interact, clients see unprecedented opportunities for growth and the creation of value—and face previously unknown risks and demands to keep pace with the evolving rules and norms of a global marketplace and the “new normal.”

Innovation and technology are cricital drivers, ushering in the wave of global transformation and lending international dimensions to even routine legal issues.  And change is, at times, the only constant, as clients operate in an increasingly entrepreneurial, complex, and evolving regulatory and commercial environment.  Our firm was built to take on and thrive in the midst of disruption, as the legal industry adapts to the transformative forces converging in a fusion of technologies and blurred boundaries.

Freeman is poised to help our clients meet the challenges of tomorrow, today—to reshape industries and social structures, advancing the technological underpinnings of an evolving legal landscape.  We combine committed technological experience with the legal knowledge and expertise needed to help our clients move forward. From tech startups to established technology companies, we work to address the most pressing legal and business challenges while accelerating our clients’ ability to compete.

You’re Different.  So are We.

Much like our entreprenurily minded tech clients, we see the world differently.  We start from a refreshing perspective: Our clients know that our default answer will never be “no.”  Instead, we begin from the premise that anything is possible; and we work to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Clients are not all the same.  And neither are law firms.  We are a purpose-driven, fundamentally integrated organization, not a random collection of JDs and doctorate holders.  And we are an action-oriented team with a commitment to staying at the forefront as a legal thought leader.

We maintain a boutique model by design.  And we are nimble and adaptive to change, values increasingly in demand in a fast-changing economy and evolving legal landscape.

From Start-Up to Established Tech, We Offer Legal Solutions

Whether large or small, emerging or established, technology has a pervasive impact on organizations and industries.  We work with startups and mature companies, providing dynamic legal advice in an agile space and helping clients take decisive action—from day-to-day decisions to make-or-break industry-shaping bets when it’s time to push the chips all-in.

Tech Startups

The majority of today’s large tech firms were once startups, engines of innovation. We work with tech startups to solve a range of pressing issues, including:

  • Business formation and structure
  • Capital raises and financing
  • Intellectual property and protecting proprietary technology
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Tax planning
  • Litigation
  • Strategic transactions

Established Tech Companies

Established tech firms face many of the same challenges as startups. However, they often encounter other unique hurdles. Our legal team works to overcome these issues by:

  • Defending established and upcoming technologies
  • Developing new business models
  • Adapting to disruptions and new platforms/technologies
  • Partnering or acquiring emerging tech startups

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain-Based Platforms

Freeman is an innovative thought leader in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Blockchain and virtual currency activities take place in a rapidly-evolving regulatory landscape. We are at the forefront as these emerging technologies continue to revolutionize social and economic activities, bringing unique, multi-disciplinary experience and understanding of distributed ledger technologies, positioning our team to guide clients through the legal, regulatory, transactional, and policy issues applicable to cryptocurrency and digital assets.

From a legal perspective, understanding the tax, regulatory, and other legal issues associated with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency requires an understanding of this underlying technology.

We offer turnkey virtual general counsel services and a deep understanding of the underlying technology and innovations, as well as the tax and legal issues associated with their use.  We assist clients with cutting-edge transactions in this rapidly evolving space, including:

  • Fund formation
  • ETF launches
  • Taxation
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Acquiring and issuing tokens
  • Digitizing assets
  • DeFi (decentralized finance)

We assist clients with a cross-section of areas impacting digital currencies, including company formations; token sales and securities compliance, such as equity Crowdfunding, Reg A+, Reg D/506(c), and Reg S; DeFi projects; crypto fund formation; taxation; and cryptocurrency fraud, including digital asset tracing and recovery.

Innovative, disruptive change is at the heart of the digital asset revolution, pushing at the boundaries of the law.  We help clients blaze a trail, positioning them to change the world.


We represent clients in complex commercial disputes and high-stakes litigation, including software disputes, license compliance, software audits, and licensing transactions.


Our representation capabilities include:

  • Commercial and licensing agreements
  • Software licenses
  • Joint development agreements
  • M&A transactions
  • privacy and data security policies
  • corporate governance, and
  • financings to SPACs

Where do you go from here?

At Freeman Law, we’re able to work with clients throughout the industry spectrum, from startups to established, mature companies, as well as clients on the other side of the table. Some of the ways that we can help include the following:

Intellectual Property Rights: The technology industry is highly competitive.  And IP infringement is rampant.  We work with clients at all stages of development, from individual entrepreneurs to mature technology firms, to protect their intellectual property rights.

Drafting and Negotiating Agreements:  We understand the importance of tailored solutions.  We are experienced in drafting and negotiating agreements within the cloud service space, as well as with software-as-a-service (SaaS) partners.

Information Security: Today, data is more valuable than traditional, tangible assets.  Organizations must protect both proprietary data and their customers’ information.  At Freeman, we advise clients on information security controls and data privacy to ensure compliance with applicable legal rules and regulations as well as emerging best practices.

Real Estate Decisions: Technology companies face a wide range of real estate-related decisions today, ranging from locating properties for their headquarters to acquiring existing and building data centers.  We assist with real estate-related issues for technology clients in a variety of ways, depending on their needs.

The technology industry continues to advance rapidly. For startups and mature tech firms, navigating these changes, as well as the applicable rules and regulations, can be extremely challenging. At Freeman Law, we work with clients across the tech industry to resolve critical problems, alleviate burdens, and ensure that our clients can focus on the bigger picture. Contact us today for additional information or to schedule a consultation.