State & Local Tax Compliance

In today’s budgetary environment, state and local governments are aggressively seeking ways to shore up funding deficits. This often translates into aggressive interpretations and application of tax laws.

Tax Litigation Attorney

Freeman Law aggressively represents clients in state-and-local tax disputes and litigation with the Texas Comptroller. We provide representation at all levels of the state-and-local tax-dispute life cycle, including audits and refund claims, State Office of Administrative Appeals (“SOAH”) and state district court proceedings, and—where necessary—beyond.

Tax Resolution Representation Lawyers, Dallas - Fort Worth

Freeman Law helps clients across a wide range of industries—from SaaS providers to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses—navigate through complex state-and-local tax laws and resolve their tax conflicts. We have experience with a breadth of state taxes, including sales and use taxes, franchise taxes, mixed beverage taxes, and others, and a particular interest in state taxation of electronic commerce, including cloud computing, internet hosting, and software as a service delivery models.

Freeman Law represents clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and throughout Texas. Schedule a consultation or call to (214) 984-3410 to discuss your state and local tax concerns.

Multi-State and Local Tax Services

To be Competitive, Companies must have a State and Local tax strategy due to aggressive tactics by States


State and local taxes pose complex challenges businesses and individuals must deal with in an expanding global economy. States continue to change and expand regulations and rules, and the complexity of compliance requirements each state imposes on businesses and individuals can make staying current with your tax obligations very challenging.

Freeman Law State and Local Tax (“SALT”) group advises clients on all types of state and local tax issues. Freeman Law will help you navigate through all the state laws and regulations regarding registration and filing obligations, and advise and implement SALT planning strategies to save businesses and individuals tax dollars by reducing your overall state tax burden.

Why SALT Services

Multistate taxation is very complex and creates issues as a company expands or sells product or provide services to businesses or individuals in the various states. Freeman Law's SALT group provides specialized expertise in state and local taxes and offers value-driven services that help clients realize significant tax savings.

Noncompliance of state tax rules and regulations can put a business or individual at risk for tax assessments that include interest and penalties. As state taxing authorities become more aggressive, businesses must be informed to avoid any state tax pitfalls.

No matter what jurisdiction you currently or anticipate operating in, we are able to analyze the tax impact of doing business in that state.

Multi-state Service Offerings

Income, Franchise, and Gross Receipts Tax Services

  • Income tax consulting
    • Nexus studies
    • Public law 86-272 analysis
    • State tax due diligence
  • Look back reviews (reverse audits)
  • Apportionment analysis
  • Audit defense and controversy services
  • State tax litigation
  • Voluntary disclosure/tax amnesty services

Sales and Use Tax Services

  • Sales tax consulting
    • Nexus studies
    • Taxability of transactions
  • Recovery of sales and use tax overpayments (reverse audits)
  • Exemption certificate compliance
  • Audit defense and controversy services
  • State tax litigation
  • Voluntary disclosure/tax amnesty services

Employer Withholding

  • Withholding registration
  • Tax reporting and compliance
  • Unemployment registration
  • Audit defense and controversy services
  • Voluntary disclosure/tax amnesty services

Unclaimed property services

  • Identify property subject to a state’s escheat provision
  • Analyze the impact and negotiate voluntary disclosure to mitigate exposure

Credits and incentives

  • Site selection and location analysis
  • Business incentive negotiation
  • Credit review
  • Economic development

Controversy, Audit Defense and Litigation

  • Working with state and local tax auditors to address issues as they arise
  • Identifying potential overpayments to offset any tax assessment
  • Analysis of documents as they relate to the taxpayer’s position
  • Obtaining letter rulings to clarify the state’s position on the taxpayer’s specific facts
  • Preparation of administrative claims and refund claims with appropriate documentation
  • Working with Departments of Revenue to facilitate the possibility of a non-litigation result
  • Representation at administrative process
  • Assistance in the settlement process
  • Assistance with helping clients to take corrective action