Tax Court in Brief | Luu v. Comm’r | Whistleblower Awards, Procedure, and Tax Court Standard of Review

Tax Court in Brief | Smith v. Comm’r | Closing Agreement and Malfeasance of Fact

Tax Court in Brief | Ismail v. Comm’r | Foreign LLC for U.S. tax purposes; Substantiation of Schedule C Expenses; Section 274

Tax Court in Brief | Ayria v. Comm’r | Substantiation for Schedule C Deductions (lodging, vehicle, entertainment, gifts, dry cleaning, etc.))

Tax Court in Brief | Schwartz v. Comm’r | Collection Due Process; Credit Election Overpayment; Quintessential Tax Procedure

Tax Court in Brief | Mamadou v. Comm’r | Collection Due Process; Challenge to Underlying Tax Liability

Tax Court in Brief | Brooks v. Comm’r | Charitable Contribution Deductions for Conservation Easement; Contemporaneous Written Acknowledgment; Gross Valuation Misstatement

Tax Court in Brief | Starer v. Comm’r | S Corp passthrough; constructive dividend; method of accounting; bad debt deduction; accuracy-related penalties

Tax Court in Brief | Palmarini Inc. v. Commissioner, Palmarini v. Commissioner | Recordkeeping and Constructive Dividends

Tax Court in Brief | Hoakison v. Comm’r | Schedule F Farming Expense Deductions and Deficiencies Relating to Same

Tax Court in Brief | Mattson v. Comm’r | Passport Revocation Notice for “Seriously Delinquent Tax Debt”; Limitations on Tax Liens

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Tax Court in Brief | Hallmark v. Comm’r | No Equitable Tolling of 90-Day Deadline to Petition Notice of Deficiency

Tax Court in Brief | Servance v. Comm’r | Tier 1 Railroad Retirement Benefits, Claim-of-Right Doctrine, Rescission Doctrine

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