Wyoming Blockchain Legislation Status

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Wyoming Blockchain Cryptocurrency Updated Laws

Regulation of Digital Currencies: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, Blockchain Technology



HB 1
Signed by governor with line item vetoes 2/26/19, Chapter 80
Changes the membership of the Blockchain Task Force.
Wyoming HB 70
Signed by governor 2/26/19, Chapter 94
Relates to the secretary of state; authorizes the secretary of state to develop and implement a blockchain commercial filing system; authorizes a report; makes an appropriation.
Wyoming HB 74
Signed by governor 2/26/19, Chapter 92
Relates to banking; makes legislative findings; creates special purpose depository banks as a new financial institution; provides that special purpose depository banks shall be corporations; requires that depositors be business entities; specifies compliance with applicable federal laws; establishes procedures for the incorporation, chartering and operation of special purpose depository bank.
Wyoming HB 185
Signed by governor 2/26/19, Chapter 93
Relates to corporate shares and distributions; authorizes corporations to issue certificate tokens in lieu of stock certificates as specified; makes conforming amendments.

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