Florida Blockchain Legislation Status

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Florida Cryptocurrency Laws

Regulation of Digital Currencies: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, Blockchain Technology

Florida HB 735
Laid on table 5/1/19
Establishes Florida Blockchain Task Force in Department of Financial Services (DFS); provides for membership and duties of task force; requires task force to submit report to governor and Legislature and make presentations; requires DFS to provide support staff and other assistance to task force; provides for termination of task force.
Florida HB 1393
Signed by governor 6/25/19, Chapter 140
Requires the Division of Treasury to maintain certain warrants rather than turning them over to the Division of Accounting and Auditing; provides requirements for a combination license as funeral director and embalmer; revises the requirements for a funeral establishment and the requirements and responsibilities of a funeral director in charge; requires preneed licensees, under certain circumstances, to provide certain persons with a written notice of intent to distribute funds under the preneed contract; establishes the Florida Blockchain Task Force within the department, etc.
Florida SB 1024
Signed by governor 5/23/19
Establishes the Florida Blockchain Task Force within the Department of Financial Services; requires the task force to develop a specified master plan; specifies duties and procedures of the task force, etc.

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