New Hampshire Blockchain Legislation Update

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New Hampshire Cryptocurrency Laws

Regulation of New Hampshire Digital Currencies: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, Blockchain Technology

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New Hampshire A bill introduced in January 2019 would require the state treasurer to “develop an implementation plan for the state to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for taxes and fees beginning July 1, 2020.” H.B. 470, Gen. Court, 166th Sess. (N.H. 2019).


New Hampshire has amended its Money Transmitter statute (NH St. § 399-G:3) to exempt “persons who engage in the business of selling or issuing payment instruments or stored value solely in the form of convertible virtual currency or receive convertible virtual currency for transactions to another location” from the state’s money transmission regulation. The New Hampshire House accepted a motion from the General Court’s Executive Departments and Administration Committee saying that a tax bill that would have allowed New Hampshire taxpayers to pay in virtual currency was “inexpedient to legislate.” Consequently, this removed H.B. 470 from the house floor before it reached a vote.

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