Michigan Blockchain Legislation Status

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Michigan Cryptocurrency Laws

Regulation of Digital Currencies: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, Blockchain Technology

Proposed Laws & Regulations

The State’s Money Transmitter act does not explicitly include the concept of “virtual currencies,” however it does include the undefined concept of “monetary value.” The State has not issued further guidance on the matter. In 2015, the Michigan department of treasury issued a treasury update including guidance defining virtual currency and how sales tax is applied when virtual currency is used.

Enacted Laws & Regulations

In 2018, Michigan introduced three bills; HB 6253, HB 6254, and HB 6258. The bills add cryptocurrency into definitions for embezzlement, money laundering, and credit fraud respectively. On December 20, 2019 Governor Whitmer signed House Bills 4102-4107 into law. 4102-4107 amended various sections of the Michigan Penal Code to add direct and indirect references to cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology.

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