IRS: Basis Adjustments Apply to CFC Mid-Year Distributions to Prevent Section 961(b)(2) Gain

Texas Tax Roundup | February 2023

Tax Court in Brief | Estate of Spizzirri v. Commissioner | Gifts, Bequests, Deductible Expenses, and Estate Tax

Tax Court in Brief | Dawveed v. Comm’r | Restitution-Based Assessment and Collection Due Process

Tax Court in Brief | Estate of Kalikow v. Comm’r | Estate Tax Taxation and Deductions and QTIP Trust

Taxpayers’ Failure to File Form 3520 and Form 3520-A Results in Extended Statute of Limitations Period: the Cautionary Tale of Fairbank

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Department of Labor Issues Guidance on Religious Exemption Final Rule FAQs

The Collision of Title VII and Religious Freedom —The Aftermath of Bostock v. Clayton County for Religious Organizations

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Unreported Foreign Accounts? How to Choose the “Right” International Tax Attorney to Help You

Does a Treaty Govern FBAR Reporting Obligations: A Federal Court Answers “Yes”

Texas Tax Roundup | January 2023

Tax Court in Brief | Kemegue v. Comm’r | Additions to Tax for Failure to File

Tax Court in Brief | Cattail Holdings, LLC v. Comm’r | Conservation Easement “Protected in Perpetuity” and Supervisory Approval of Penalty

Tax Court in Brief | Trice v. Comm’r | Reporting Disability Income and Lifetime Learning Credit Reduction