Representation of Texas Nonprofit Corporations

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Overview: Representation of Texas Nonprofit Corporations

Freeman Law attorney, Cory Halliburton, recently presented for the State Bar of Texas at its 13th Annual Essentials of Business Law Course on the topic of Texas Nonprofit Corporations: Legal Service and Attorney Board Service. The presentation provides a summary overview of the nonprofit organizations sector, the legal nuances that nonprofit organizations face, and the areas of legal counsel commonly addressed by the lawyer for nonprofit organizations. The presentation focuses on the Texas nonprofit corporation, but Mr. Halliburton has near 15 years’ experience in representing tax-exempt and nonprofit organizations across the United States. As an added bonus for his colleagues in the trenches, Mr. Halliburton’s paper addresses common ethical conundrums faced by the Texas lawyer who serves as an officer or director of a nonprofit organization.


Nonprofit and Exempt Organization Attorneys

Every nonprofit is different, that’s why we collaborate with our nonprofit clients to identify and meet their unique needs. Freeman Law represents associations & 501(c)(6) organizations, churches and other religious organizations, foundations, private foundations, 501(c)(3) organizations, and other nonprofit clients. While nonprofits encounter many of the same economic concerns and administrative challenges as any business, they also face many unique challenges. Schedule a consultation or call (214) 984-3000 to discuss your nonprofit concerns or questions.