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Thought-provoking insights on tax and white-collar matters, trial lawyering, and the most influential issues of the day from some of the nation’s top legal minds.

The Freeman Law Project provides thought-provoking insights from top legal minds. The podcast series offers legal commentary for the discerning mind, going behind the law with accessible and unscripted legal analysis and critiques. Brought to you by Freeman Law.

Jason B. Freeman discusses cryptocurrency and blockchain legal issues, including regulation and taxation. This primer episode provides an introduction into the technology behind cryptocurrency.
The Freeman Law Project – Jason B. Freeman and Matthew Roberts of Freeman Law analyze each substantive opinion issued by the Tax Court during the past week.
Jason B. Freeman and Matthew Roberts of Freeman Law explain the status of Coronavirus relief legislation and related legal updates. Topics include the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”), and the IRS’s People First Initiative.