Freeman Law Attorney Keynote at Presbyterian Church (USA) Mid-Council Financial Conference

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Cory D. Halliburton

Cory D. Halliburton



Cory Halliburton serves as general counsel and business adviser to a nationwide nonprofit / tax-exempt client base, as well as for multi-state professional service companies. He is a results-oriented attorney, with executive-level strategy and an understanding of the intersection of law and business judgment. With a practical upbringing, he pushes for process-driven results in internal governance, strategy and compliance with employment law, and complex or unique contracts and business relationships.

He dedicated the first ten years of his practice to mainly commercial litigation matters in West Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. During that experience, Mr. Halliburton transitioned his practice to a more general counsel role, with an emphasis on nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, advising those organizations through formation, dissolution, litigation, governance, leadership succession, employment law, contracts, intellectual property, tax exemption issues, policy creation, mergers and other. He has served as borrower’s counsel for tax-exempt bond and loan transactions near $100 million aggregate; some with complex pre-issue construction, debt payoff and other debt financing challenges.

Mr. Halliburton also serves as outside legal and business advisor for executive professionals in multi-state engineering firms, with a focus on drafting and counsel on significant service agreements, employment law matters, and protection of trade secrets.

For the seventh time, Freeman Law attorney, Cory Halliburton, was a key presenter at the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Mid-Council Financial Conference. Mr. Halliburton’s four-plus-hour presentation over a two-day period included a deep dive into the Internal Revenue Code, property tax matters, insurance challenges, employment law, contract law, and many other secular and ecclesiastical legal and tax concepts facing religious organizations. The near 100 attendees present represented the Presbyteries of the PCUSA across the United States. The 2023 event was held at the First Presbyterian Church of Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina, organized in 1832. Amen, I say to you.