North Dakota Blockchain Legislation Status

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North Dakota Cryptocurrency Updated Laws

Regulation of Digital Currencies: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, Blockchain Technology

North Dakota HB 1043
Failed to pass House 1/11/19
Relates to the exemption of an open blockchain token from specified securities transactions and dealings; relates to the definitions of an open blockchain token and virtual currency and excluding an open blockchain token and virtual currency from specified money transmission requirements.
North Dakota HB 1045
Signed by governor 4/24/19, Chapter 94
Relates to electronic transaction definitions, blockchain technology and smart contracts, number of shareholders and series limited liability companies; relates to electronic transactions, filing of an annual report by corporations engaged in farming or ranching, Business Corporation Act definitions, knowledge and notice, share certificates, corporate voting list and voting trusts.
North Dakota HB 1048
Signed by governor 3/20/19, Chapter 469
Relates to the use of distributed ledger technologies; requires the Department of Information Technologies to research and develop the use of distributed ledger enabled platform technologies, such as blockchains, for computer-controlled programs, data transfer and storage, and program regulation to protect against falsification, improve internal data security, and identify external hacking threats.
North Dakota HB 1049
Failed to pass House 1/9/19
Relates to signatures secured through distributed ledger technology.
North Dakota HCR. 3002
Failed to pass House 2/8/19
Requests the legislative management to study the potential benefits of distributed ledger technology and blockchain for state government.
North Dakota HCR 3004
Adopted 3/28/19, Chapter 539
Requests the legislative management to study the potential benefit value of blockchain technology implementation and utilization in state government administration and affairs.

Is cryptocurrency legal in North Dakota?

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