Tax Litigation FAQs

Freeman Law aggressively represents clients in tax litigation at the state and federal levels. We provide our clients with the experience, knowledge, and talent they need to navigate all stages of the tax dispute life cycle - from audits and examinations to courtrooms and all levels of appeals. Learn more about our Tax Litigation Legal Services. 

Tax Litigation

Freeman Law represents businesses and individuals in a wide range of tax and related disputes, including disputes related to:

  • Federal Income Tax
  • Estate and Gift Tax
  • Employment Tax
  • Excise Tax
  • Fraud
  • International Information Returns
  • Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) Penalties
  • Civil Tax Penalties
  • Criminal Tax Prosecutions

Freeman Law represents clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, throughout Texas, the United States, and International. Schedule a consultation or call (214) 984-3410 to discuss your IRS tax concerns.