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At Freeman Law, we are changing the way clients do business. Our dynamic client base frequently trusts our experience and hands-on approach to structure, negotiate, and document their most important deals.

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Clients today face unprecedented challenges—challenges that fundamentally drive entity structures and governance protocols. Clients need counsel and insights that position them to respond to rapidly changing environments. They need insight into the impact of the most recent legislative enactments, judicial opinions, and regulatory decisions. Our team provides adaptive tax and business planning, charting a course to best position our clients for success and helping to navigate the challenges and risks that they face.

Freeman Law advises clients with corporate and other entity formations and reorganizations. Restructuring entities—through conversions, mergers, and liquidations—can involve particularly complex tax and regulatory considerations. Freeman Law provides experienced tax and business counsel, helping our clients achieve their organizational goals in a tax-efficient manner.

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Our attorneys are practical. And with our depth of accounting and business experience, we speak the “language” of business—all in a way that moves the ball forward, not back. Freeman Law is positioned to represent our clients through their most pressing challenges. We are there to help change the way clients do business.

Freeman Law represents clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Schedule a consultation or call (214) 984-3410 to discuss your corporate structuring or business and tax planning concerns.

Business - Tax Planning FAQs

Q: Which Business Entity Should I Choose for My Business?

A: There is no single best entity type. Selecting the right entity for your business is a very important decision and requires taking a variety of factors into consideration. The choice of entity depends on multiple factors and can affect every aspect of your business from management structure to tax implications. Consult with a Freeman Law about your business needs and goals to find out which entity is right for you.

Q: What Are The Options For The Legal Structure Or Formation Of My Business?

A:The organizational structure of your business will determine how it is both set up and organized. The most commonly used structures include:

  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Sole proprietorship

Q: Why Should A Lawyer Review My Contract?

A: Contracts are the foundation for many key components of your business, including the structure, employees, property and more. Hiring counsel to review or draft contracts and businesses agreements can prevent future disputes, mitigate risk and get a fresh, experienced perspective on important legal matters. 

Q: When Should You Consult a Tax Attorney?

If you have legal issues, if you plan to bring a lawsuit against the IRS, if you're under criminal investigation by the IRS, or if you want to seek an independent review of your case before the U.S. Tax Court, you'll require the help of a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer. You'll want someone familiar with a courtroom.