Our History & Culture

Freeman Law was founded by a dual-credentialed attorney-CPA, trial attorney and law professor. The firm was established with a singular vision: Exceptionalism through a client-centric philosophy and innovative, divergent legal thinking. Freeman Law is driven by a passion for the law and for people; by uncompromising principles, attention to detail, and a desire to exceed expectations. We thrive on solving our clients’ most complex and pressing problems—and delivering solutions.

Since its founding, Freeman Law has established itself as a legal thought leader. We have represented clients in high-profile disputes, zealously taken on formidable opponents, and distinguished ourselves as a go-to law firm. Our client base includes international companies and clients on the Fortune 100 fastest-growing companies list—as well as clients with barely a penny to their name. We believe that everyone is entitled to justice and deserves to have their voice heard.

Freeman Law’s attorneys are known for their articulate advocacy and communication skills, as well as their ability to bring simplicity to the complex. Freeman Law is, indeed, where clients turn when the stakes are high and the issues are complex.

“I founded this firm with an uncompromising drive for exceptionalism and client service. Our expectations are high. We want to leave an impact and a legacy. We want our clients to expect the unexpected. Our goal has always been to leave the world and our clients in a better place than we found them.”

Jason B. Freeman

Founding Member